Our first 3 ducks. Came to us in the mail from cackle hatchery

You may have heard we got some ducks! We have struggled a bit raising them but finally have 4 (out of 9) that look like they are going to make it. Heres some photos…

This one liked to chill in Ben’s hands
sleepy ducks
Sleeping ducks
The green on his head indicates he is the male
Suddenly a tragedy. A duck has died without explanation
We picked up 3 more ducklings so we would not have just the two.
This time the male was marked with red instead of green
Setting up their future home outside
The older two playing in the water
The second batch grew up so fast, here they are in the tub
We went on to loose all but one of the first 6 ducklings. We picked up 3 more from a different source. The last 4 seem to be doing well and we are keeping our fingers crossed!
Daytime visit outside