It is a sad day when you are trying to find content from your blog in the wayback machine. Worse yet as a sysadmin who isn’t supposed to have this sort of thing happen. But, hard disks are awful awful things, and they fail in amazingly frequent ways. So my raidz10 is gone after a double disk failure. Thank god for CrashPlan.

I have backups of the important things– all my photos, the Minecraft map etc. But I lost a lot of infrastructure (Virtual machine operating systems and configurations) and stuff too large to back up (movies, mp3s)

So I have my pictures, but not the gallery that hosted them or this blog that announced them. Sigh.

Well. The bright side — gallery2 was being ‘hibernated’ anyway so we’ll find something better for that. And Iv gone with Debian+kvm instead of Xen Server for the hypervisor. I’ll rebuild the home server with a bit more experience this time perhaps and maybe it’ll be better in the long run anyway.

So here is my blog again. No content, but a place to post links to my gallery when I get it rebuilt.